Rapol Assisted Welding Systems provide increased efficiency while offering standardization of customizable production runs. Our various cycle control systems can be customized to offer:
  • Time Delay Functions (Weld Pooling or Overlapping at the Start or Finish of Cycle Welds);
  • "Dry-Run" Test Feature
  • Weld-Torch Auxiliary Start/Stop Relays;
  • Repeatable and Consistent Pre-Sets of for Weld Times and RPM Speeds;
  • Inches per Minute Calculations based on Dia inputs;
  • Programmable Positioning Pre-sets;
  • Step by Step processes that allow manual welding at pre-set Angles & Positions.
  • Multi Axis Controls;
  • Variable Frequency Drive with Encoder Motors;
The Cycle Systems are modular and customizable. Analog Dials or full Touch-Screen Human-Machine-Interface (HMI) options suit all budgets and applications. Combine these systems with our torch holders for a complete solution, which convert a costly skilled-welder process to an efficient machine-operator system. In Manual Mode the operator controls all functionality (rotation and tilt) with real time location feedback for ideal positioning. In Semi-Automatic Mode, pre-set locations can be be quickly recalled to provide efficient and ergonomic positioning. Multiple job processes can be stored and recalled to provide consistent production. In full automatic mode the Positioner can send or receive I/O signals from external sources or controllers.

Want to get more out of your Robotic Arm? Talk to us how we can integrate any one of our products with your Robot to take full advantage of its functionality without the need for costly positioners / manipulators.