Rapol prides itself in using smart engineering and quality components. You can trust us to ensure each machine employs top quality components to guarantee extended life of our products. It is our promise to NEVER compromise our workmanship quality or choice of components to squeeze additional profits from each machine.

This is way Rapol not only provides a full one (1) year warranty on all equipment and accessories we manufacture, but also offers an unparalleled three (2) year warranty on the heart of our products - the premium gearboxes.

Our products require minimal maintenance or servicing since our strict criteria for choosing our components includes maximum maintenance intervals. For example, our gearboxes are filled with synthetic oil which does not require changing for up to 100 000 operating hours; our motors are fully enclosed promoting extended life in the harshest of work environments; our control components (circuits, relays, contactors, control boards) are durable, reliable and shock resistant.

However, our service representatives are located across North America should you require hands-on support. In addition, our knowledgeable factory technician can answer any questions and are available 24H/7 Days a Week -

(Toll Free: 855-RAPOL-55).