University of Western Ontario -Physics Dept., London Ontario Canada
The University of Western Ontario is world-renowned for its various research & development projects. One of the most cutting edge is the development of miniature Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Machines for various critical services like on-demand emergency diagnostics. We were excited for the opportunity to work with the development team in designing the ideal machinery that allows for precise positioning of drum cases for the assembly of magnetic copper coils. The solution included positioners with variable speed foot switches on ergonomic rolling tables, which were combined with minimum foot-print rolling jack stands. These complete-kit solutions provide the ideal functionality without the need to source individual components; allowing the brilliant minds at Western's Physics Department to focus on developing the newest technologies that may soon revolutionize the medical industry.

We are extremely pleased with the Rapol weld positioners and stands that were custom built for our application. The support and service provided by the team at Rapol is first rate and the product quality is outstanding!

"xMR Team at Western"