Rapol Inc. was established to design and manufacture manual and automatic welding manipulators, positioners, turn tables, turning rolls, pipe rotators, head & tail stock, welding lathes and customized equipment. Our company is dedicated to modernizing the welding and fabricating industries by continuously enhancing our equipment with the latest technologies.

All of our equipment is wholly engineered and manufactured in house. We only use the highest quality Canadian and USA components which are coupled with superior workmanship; thereby ensuring our products are ready for years of reliable, maintenance free service. Since our products are entirely manufactured at our facilities, they are all fully covered under the North-American-Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). For our USA customers, this means our products are free from taxation when transported across that border (No Provincial Tax, No State Tax, No Custom Fees) - Guaranteed !

Our Promise is to continuously build value for our customers through careful analysis, functional design, quality manufacturing and timely delivery, and courteous service.